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Love in Concert Demo Reel
Kiki McCall is finally living her dream! After a passing some of her fans on the streets of NYC, Kiki enters her dressing room in Carnegie Hall before the big show! She takes it all in and enjoys every moment. Thinking about her journey leading to this day, Kiki sings  “Look to the Rainbow” from Finian's Rainbow.
Kiki McCall is sure she has the title of “First Lady” in the bag! She ignores all the haters who try and tell her that she’s not the only one Pastor is considering. Pastor is about to get his own church in Dallas, and tells Kiki he needs 90 days to pray and prepare. After a romantic dinner at a popular French restaurant eating Ratatouille and Coq au vin in Houston, Kiki pours out her heart to Pastor during their last phone conversation.
After a traumatic heartbreak with Pastor Dr. Olufemi Makinde Adefemiwa, Kiki decides to reclaim herself and find her voice again. After Pastor told her that a "good church girl" should only sing "church music",  Kiki gave up a scholarship to attend The Juilliard School, after believing she would become the dutiful wife and First Lady. She tells Pastor, "You be my Martin, I'll be your Coretta". After being publicly humiliated, a devastated Kiki travels to Italy to pursue her passion and dream of becoming a famous opera singer once again.
Kiki McCall is finally in beautiful Italia! She is determined to reclaim her voice and follow her dreams of becoming a professional opera singer. HOWEVER, Kiki meets the acclaimed Italian Maestro, Francesco Taravelli, who tells her that Italians want to hear a Black woman sing “Black” music —Gospel, Blues Jazz! Opera? No way! Here we go again. As Kiki falls in love with Francesco and his dreams, Kiki’s dreams for herself take a little detour—again.
Official Video "Love Changes Everything", one of the signature songs of "Love In Concert".  This single landed #1 on Naija Top 10 Countdown for 8 weeks in a row and made it on the ballot for the 2019 Grammy Awards with the full Album, "In The Atmosphere".
Official video for "Holy", signature song in "Love In Concert".
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