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After surviving a traumatic heartbreak from a high profile young minister, songstress Kiki McCall moves to Italy to reestablish her life dream of becoming a professional opera singer. This time, it’s going to be all about her!!! Soon, Kiki McCall thinks she has it all--- A successful musical career in Europe, a supportive and amazing manager/love of her life, and loyal fans to boot! But somehow, in between the “purple roses and chocolate covered strawberries”, Kiki realizes that the dream she’s been living isn’t her own.  Once again, Miss McCall finds herself in a position that compromises her Art, heart, and very essence of her being.  Ultimately, Kiki gains the courage to step out of his dream and back into her own! 


"Love-In Concert" is a young woman's journey of self discovery as she struggles to define her identity through the eyes of others--particularly the young suitors who have come into her life. Kiki (and all the other young ladies in the church) becomes smitten with a young pastor from Houston--The Rev. Dr. Olufemi Makinde Adefemiwa, "The Nigerian Prince of First Temple of Praise Redeemed Christian Church of Houston, TX".  After spending time with the handsome and charismatic young Pastor, Kiki believes she is ready to trade in her dream of becoming an Opera star to becoming Pastor's First Lady. Even though she hears the rumors of Pastor having other "interests" in the church, Kiki shrugs off the "haters" and proclaims, "These girls have a vendetta...but that's OK--You be my Martin, I'll be your Coretta!".  


After Pastor encourages Kiki to focus on singing Gospel music, she decides to decline an Opera scholarship to attend The Juilliard School of Music in New York City. After a surprise visit to hear Pastor preach his introductory sermon at his new church in Dallas, Kiki is appalled to find out that another young lady is poised to fill her position as "First Lady".  Broken and crushed, she moves to Italy to reclaim her dreams of becoming an Opera Singer at the famed La Scala Opera House. 


Kiki meets a well established Italian music conductor  who makes her feel like "the most beautiful woman in the world". He convinces Kiki to allow him to manage her career, ultimately changing her image and musical style. "A black woman needs to sing the jazz and blues to become a huge success in Italy", he tells her.  After a successful budding career and a whirlwind love affair that ends in betrayal with "another black diva who didn't have a classical bone in her body" at the center,  a devastated Kiki begins her long awaited journey towards self-love.   


"Love-In Concert" opens in the dressing room at Carnegie Hall after Kiki has been interviewed by the New York Times before her solo debut performance.  Kiki finally realizes that it is ultimately her own God given gift that has allowed her to shine, leading to an overall sense of peace, satisfaction and self-acceptance. 

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